Baha Tacos
Baha Tacos

Restaurant and bar

The Baha menu is a menagerie of sexy Mexican dishes that are all home made with love and respect to the great tradition of Mexican cuisine.  Expect your dining experience at Baha to be loud, somewhat rowdy and fun cause that’s the way we roll.  But take the time to savour every mouthful!  And our bar is the perfect place to chill with local and imported frothies, a fine wine list, spirits aplenty and 100% agave tequilas.

See our current MENU and BANQUET below the booking form or download them here:

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Mon & Tue: Closed    Wed to Fri: From 5pm til late
Sat: From 1.00pm for lunch, trading right thru dinner till late o'clock
Sun: From 1.00pm for lunch, thru to dinner
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